2U-4U Optical Distribution Frame

The 2U-4U closed frame optical distribution frame is a modulated design with drawable trays inside and constructed from cold-rolled steel. It is available unloaded or pre-installed with your choice of fibre optic adapters and pigtails. It is ideal for indoor fibre optic cables connection, storage, distribution and management. It features an interchangeable adapter plate for ease of adapter swapping.

Dimensions 2U

Length: 490mm x Width: 305mm x Height: 89mm

Dimensions 3U

Length: 490mm x Width: 305mm x Height: 133.5mm

Dimensions 4U

Length: 490mm x Width: 305mm x Height: 180mm


  • Latch door
  • Constructed from cold rolled steel
  • Can be rack mounted and wall mounted
  • Can be used in 19’’, 23’’ standard distribution frames
  • Suitable for ribbon and single fibre
  • Interchangeable adapter plate
  • 24C, 36C, 48C, 72C, 96C optional, with or without fibre optic pigtails and adapters