R.U.R.Telenet Solutions Pvt.Ltd. since its inception in the year 2005 under the brand name NESGEN-RS is going to prove its potential in Indian Market as proven pioneering company in copper and optic fiber network inter-connectivity solution. The company is backed by experienced and well learned engineers to cater to the needs of the precise and the foremost inter-connectivity solutions which is very important to setup a trouble free network and other high achievements. The continuous in the endeavor to adopt new and required technological advancement to prove the capability and fulfill the gap in completing the goals by service provider, enterpreturs and market segments. We believe in expanding services in terms of quality, innovation  and reliability, we introduce by NESGEN-RS before the market required them.

This agenda of first and the commitment to your success and satisfaction continue to drive us towards greater advancement in copper and optic fiber passive networking field. This endeavor has made the company stand in the forefront of introducing cost efficient and yet the best quality.


Quality Assurance in Every Product

At  NESGEN-RS quality is not just like a department, but a style of doing business. We don’t simply inspect quality, we work hard to design quality into our products from writing orders to delivery goods. We do things right, it means that our customers get the products they need without having to think repeatedly about variable performance.

Operational Effectiveness

NESGEN-RS is committed to meet its customers esteemed standards 100% of the time. To achieve this efficiency design considerations, statistical process control and above all the coordination of all the members of the unit optimize manufacturing efficiency and full materials usage. Obviously this fundamental ensures all new heights of quality and reliability of the product.



  • RF and Microwave Cables
  • LAN Networking Products
  • Fiber Optic Patch Cord and Pigtails
  • Adaptors, Attenuators and Connectors
  • Optic Fibre PLC Splitters and Couplers
  • Fiber Optic Terminal Box
  • FTTH Drop Cable and Other Fiber Optic Cables
  • Fiber Optic Cleaning Solution


  • Never Touch the fiber end face of the connector.
  • Connectors not in use should be covered over the ferrule by the provided dust cap.
  • Never clean an optical connector attached to a fiber that is carrying light (signal).
  • The fiber end face and ferrule must be absolutely clean before it is inserted into a transmitter or receiver.


  • 100% Optically tested.
  • Wide variety of single and multi-fiber optic connector available.
  • All assemblies shipped with individual test results.
  • Advanced assembly, any polishing techniques.


  1. Use Lens-grade, lint-free tissue. The types sold for eyeglasses work quite well and preferably use industrial grade 99% pure isopropyl alcohol.
  2. Fold the tissue twice so it is four layers thick.
  3. Saturate the tissue with alcohol.
  4. First clean the sides of the connector ferrule. Place the connector ferrule in the tissue and apply pressure to the side. Now move to a clean part of the tissue. Be sure it is still saturated with alcohol and that is still four layers thick. Place the tissue against the end of the connector ferrule. Put your thumb against the tissue so that is directly over the ferrule. Now rub the end of the connector until it squeaks. It will sound like a crystal glass that has been rubbed when it is wet.
  5. Mate the connector immediately! Don’t let the connector lie around and collect dust before mating.