QSFP MPO/MTP® – LC Duplex breakout cable

This is a 40 Gigabit Ethernet QSFP 40GBase-SR4 to MTP®(MPO)/LC (4 LC Duplex) varied length breakout cable. The Gbit QSFP MTP® to LC/UPC breakout cable uses 8 core fibre (centre 4 are unused). It is made to connect to a QSFP module cable for a fan out and offers an aqua/turquoise jacket colour. The fan-out side has 8 LC connectors that are duplexed together and numbered according to the fibre position in the MPO/MTP® connector.


  • Connector A: MPO/MTP® female connector (No guide pins)
  • Connector B: LC/UPC
  • 40Gb pin-out configuration
  • Jacket type: LSZH rated (OFNR)
  • Jacket colour: Aqua (blue)
  • Various fibre types available
  • Lengths available on request
  • Cable type: 3mm round to 2mm on the breakout side
  • Fibre count: 8 fibres