Cross Connect Box

A box-like intersection unit that offers safe housing solution for optical fibers, wiring cables, and jumper connections that link optical cables and wiring cables, is termed as cross-connection cabinet. Optical cable connections and fiber distributions need terminations with added safety and modularity.
A Cross-connection Cabinet typically consists of a box, a fiber optic cable fixed plate, a fusion splice tray integrated into the box and several hanging fiber columns. This connection box is bough on the basis of number of cores it can support. Thus, the buyer can find terms like 48-core cross-connection cabinet, 96-core and so on. The cores supported are 48 or multiple of it in numbers. The main box is made using unsaturated resin, a yarn made of sheet molding compound (SMC), additives promoting low shrinkage and various fillers etc.


  • Cable Fixing and Maintenance Function
  • Enable Seamless Cable Termination
  • Supports Easy Line Transfer and Expansion
  • Help Maintain Fiber Core and Pigtail
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