CAT6 Screened Right-Angle Patch Panel

RUR patch panels are manufactured and tested to performance standards defined by the TIA, ISO and EN standards bodies. A range of performance characteristics are tested up to 250 MHz including return loss, attenuation and near and far end crosstalk (NEXT and FEXT) for which both worse case and power sum tests are completed. Actual performance far exceeds the required standard – when test in isolation and in circuit – resulting in significant headroom for even the most demanding of applications. As well as providing link and channel compliance – when installed with OPTiFab category 6 components – with the aforementioned specification – the panel is also backward compatible with Category 5e components.


  • Supports gigabit ethernet
  • LSA style termination blocks
  • Category 6 compliant
  • Backward comatible with Cat5e
  • ISO/IEC 11801:2002