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Quality Assuarance and Operational Effectiveness are the first priority at  NESGEN-RS. We take quality as not just like a department, but a style of doing business. We don’t simply inspect quality, we work hard to design quality into our products from writing orders to delivery goods. We do things right, it means that our customers get the products they need without having to think repeatedly about variable performance.


About Us

R.U.R.Telenet Solutions Pvt.Ltd. since its inception in the year 2005 under the brand name NESGEN-RS is going to prove its potential in Indian Market as proven pioneering company in copper and optic fiber network inter-connectivity solution. The company is backed by experienced and well learned engineers to cater to the needs of the precise and the foremost inter-connectivity solutions which is very important to setup a trouble free network and other high achievements. The continuous in the endeavor to adopt new and required technological advancement to prove the capability and fulfill the gap in completing the goals by service provider, enterpreturs and market segments. We believe in expanding services in terms of quality, innovation  and reliability, we introduce by NESGEN-RS before the market required them.


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